Door Hinge

A hinge is typically used to connect two parts of the furniture and it allows rotation between them. It is made of metal and usually consisted of two vanes combined by pins. Door hinge made of stainless steel, copper or zinc alloy is available, also we provide hinge of different specifications. Our product is applied to doors with different size, and it allows convenient and noiseless operation with a long service life.

As an experienced door hinge manufacturer and supplier in China, ARCHIE provides a wide range of products that includes cabinet handle, glass door hardware, fingerprint door lock, door bolt, and more.

Other Products
  • Door Stopper A door stopper is used to keep the door open, and it prevents the door from close caused by wind or accidentally touch. The three kinds of door stopper manufactured by us can be installed on the ground, on the wall, or just on the door..
  • Door Bolt Door bolt is a simple device designed to avoid door opening, and it is usually consisted of two parts which are movable rod and bolt hole. Three models of door bolt including surface type and flush type are supplied and they are made of stainless steel or copper. Different surface treatment techniques are also applied to our product and you have many choices...