Glass Door Hardware

Our company provides glass door hardware such as magnetic holder of glass door, pull handle, glass clip, glass door knob, glass door bolt, top clamp, T shape clamp A, etc. Our product takes stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper or zinc alloy as the main material, and surface treatment technologies including wire drawing, polishing, satin nickel, chrome and silver sand are applied to the surface. With concise shape and convenient installation, our glass door hardware is suitable for glass and wooden doors, and it is the ideal product for house decoration.

ARCHIE is a China-based glass door hardware manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as furniture hardware, bathroom accessories, door bolt, and zinc alloy door lock.

Other Products
  • Bathroom Accessories Tissue holder, towel ring, single hook, soap dish, glass shelf, 2-layer towel rack and many other bathroom accessories are now supplied by our company. The main material is copper, and the surface of our product is coated with chrome which ensures the smooth surface and improves the abrasion and corrosion proof properties...
  • Glass Door Hinge Glass door hinge comes into being with the development of modern bathroom hardware, and now it is very popular in frameless shower room. Usually, it has a fashionable appearance and allows easy installation, and it will be slowly closed automatically. Our glass door hinge is made of copper or zinc alloy, and the bathroom door thickness should be 6~10mm..