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ARCHIE is an experienced architectural hardware manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including smart door lock, building door lock, door hardware, furniture hardware, among others.

Main Products
  • J1031-02 Fingerprint Door Lock Our fingerprint door lock will be out of service for 3 minutes under the condition that you enter the wrong password 3 times in just 1 minute, and it will recover after 3 minutes. Meanwhile, this system allows free entrance without fingerprint and password under special circumstances. Furthermore, the lock will send alarm signal when the battery is low and under this situation, it can work for another 200 times...
  • Glass Door Hinge Glass door hinge comes into being with the development of modern bathroom hardware, and now it is very popular in frameless shower room. Usually, it has a fashionable appearance and allows easy installation, and it will be slowly closed automatically. Our glass door hinge is made of copper or zinc alloy, and the bathroom door thickness should be 6~10mm..